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Mike's calling to the pastorate is only super-ceded by first his identity as a child of God (John 1:12 ESV) and second the responsibility and opportunity he has to love and serve his wife and children. Mike and Melanie have five children: Caleb, Cadence, Logan, Timmy, and Daisy. As a family, their calling is to share their life with others, through their YouTube channel, advocating for adoption and doing their best to share an honest and transparent view of the Christian life.

Shepherding and serving Saint Cloud, Florida

Pastor Shepherd

Mike's calling is to pastor the local church. Ordained by First Baptist Church of Kissimmee, Florida, Mike has pastored in his local community since 2014.

He currently serves as Campus Pastor of Celebration Community Church // Saint Cloud Campus in Saint Cloud, Florida.


Overcoming the Influence:
A Preacher's Field Guide to Sermon Delivery
for a Distracted Generation

As a culture, we are under the influence—distracted by the alluring glow of our mobile devices and craving the deliverables we might consume by one fleeting glance at our home screens. Some of us are addicted, and even a preacher delivering the most biblically faithful message may struggle to hold our attention. In “Overcoming the Influence,” Dr. Michael J. Chandler aims to equip expository preachers with delivery methods tuned for reaching a generation distracted by consumer technology. The Scriptures assign a level of responsibility to gospel orators for adjusting their delivery to meet the cognitive needs (and sometimes limitations) of their audience, and Dr. Chandler aims to assist preachers in developing a mindful delivery methodology, suited for reaching them.


Who Recommends Overcoming the Influence?

Tony Merida, Ph.D.
Tony Merida, Ph.D.

"Mike Chandler is a careful thinker and a wonderful preacher. He has accurately identified some of the major challenges for contemporary preaching, and provided help for pastors to overcome these challenges. I benefited from his study and it led me to think about the current task more comprehensively. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve the craft of preaching in this distracted age."

Founding Pastor, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh, NC
Jim Shaddix, D.Min., Ph.D.
Jim Shaddix, D.Min., Ph.D.

"Almost four decades ago John Stott lamented, 'We can no longer assume that people either want to listen to sermons, or indeed are able to listen. When they are accustomed to the swiftly moving images of the screen, how can we expect them to give their attention to one person talking, with no frills, no light relief and nothing else to look at?' (Between Two Worlds, 74). The challenges of distracted listeners have only compounded for preachers since then. Mike Chandler understands this reality and has provided a timely help for those of us who proclaim the gospel in a preoccupied culture. Preacher, read this book if you want some help with communicating God’s Word to people who are only giving you divided attention."

W. A. Criswell Chair of Expository Preaching, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
Charles Harvey, D.Min.
Charles Harvey, D.Min.

"Mike has written his book in a very personal style to help preachers overcome the influence of distractions during the preaching event. Driving this purpose is the underlying truth that preachers must accept the responsibility of presenting God’s Word in such a way to draw listeners away from the influence of the distractions of the world...He continually reminds the preacher of the Holy Spirit’s role in the development and reception of the sermon message, but does not give the preacher a free pass from working diligently, creatively, and responsibly through the sermon process. He provides a sermon process of personal spiritual growth, sermon preparation, pre-pulpit absorption, and sermon delivery...If a preacher is interested in developing sermons to overcome the influence of distractions in the preaching event and presenting God’s Word in a powerful manner, this book is a good starting point."

Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Larry J. Purcell, Ph.D.
Larry J. Purcell, Ph.D.

“Mike Chandler has researched and developed a much needed work for pastors and teachers of God’s Word. So many books I read today offer valuable insights and advice on approaching and preparing to present a text of scriptures. The missing component too often in many preaching books is the listener. The changing culture and influences of technology upon listeners offer greater challenges to a pastor-teacher. You may have crafted a great message that is true to exegesis and with superb exposition. However, a key role of a pastor is feeding the sheep, not just preaching sermons. When the sheep are distracted they are not feasting upon the Word of God. Chandler’s text is a much needed addition to a pastor’s library that will assist in navigating the cultural and technological distractions of this age. I think every pastor should obtain a copy of this book to read and learn the critical role of preaching to a distracted generation.”

Regional Church Consultant, Kentucky Baptist Convention
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Where Mike has been...

9 Years Pastoring

Served as Lead Pastor of Harmony Community Church in Saint cloud, Florida, and then as Campus Pastor of the Saint Cloud campus of Celebration Community Church.

11 Years Writing

Passionate about leaving a lasting legacy through the ministry of writing, as well as contributing written pieces to other fields of interest.

16 Years in the IT Industry

Worked within IT organizations ranging from 6 employees to many thousands, including Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Preserved availability and viability of enterprise systems. Passionate about quality and customer satisfaction. Record of improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability through automation and process improvement.

18 Years in Video Production

Discovered a knack for videography in high school, and spent years honing skills, eventually translating into a successful family YouTube channel.

19 Years in Graphic Design

Developed graphic solutions for businesses, blogs, churches, Youtube channels, churches, and more.

Doctor of Ministry, and pursuing Doctor of Philosophy

Became a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) in 2016 and am currently a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) candidate—both degrees majoring in preaching from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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